We are Cotton Cat, a brazilian indie game studio!


We’ve met each other in 2018 during our graduations, where we worked together in some small projects and learned a lot, bringing this knowledge with us to our work. Now together as a company, we aim the creation of narrative-focused games that embrace as much diversity as there is in its creators.

Nayara is a bisexual woman, game artist, and art director. She is our leader. Professionally worked as a game artist at Overlord Game Studio in Rio de Janeiro. Has broad knowledge about game development pipeline, entrepreneurship, and game studies research, studied during her academic degree in Industrial Design.

João Rabello is a pansexual man and our programmer. He excels in various programming languages, such as C#, C, C++, Java, Python, and is specialized in the Unity engine, being awarded in two game jams (one of them international). He worked as a programmer at Double Dash Studios (also in Rio de Janeiro) before starting at Cotton Cat Studios.

Zarina Avellar is a trans woman and our talented musician and audio-visual technician. She has expertise in composition and a broad experience in video & sound editing as a freelance editor.

Sarah is a black lesbian woman, our screenwriter, and narrative designer with experience in narrative tools such as Twine, Inkle and Yarnspinner. She is coursing a graduate degree in History at Universidade Federal Fluminense, and currently researches the benefits of games in the educational process of children and teens.


  • Neon Goddess

    Neon Goddess is a plataformer stealth 2D that mixes cyberpunk with eldritch horror elements. In a world where technology didn’t save us from fanaticism, various cults seize power by indoctrination. Our protagonist, Astrid, is a bounty hunter that works for a resistance group and what was meant to be a single seek-and-destroy mission ends with her getting involved in a way more complicated scheme.


Neon Goddess

Selected Articles

  • I didn't know I needed a cyberpunk side-scrolling Deus Ex-like with occultic themes, but I do, and thankfully Neon Gods exists to fill the void it created in me. Peep @CottonCatStudio's feed to see more.
    Zetzy (d r e a m j e s t e r), Twitter
  • I want this game to be on my #Xbox ,looks amazing.
    Hammers Reviews, Twitter
  • Ooo, nice promo image! Looking forward to seeing more, good luck with the project. :)
    Weekend Panda, Twitter
  • great visuals!!!
    Moonside Studios, Twitter
  • The art style on this looks so damn good! I like it a lot!!
    Nokobot, Twitter
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